Super Lash (Bimatoprost Eye Drop)

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Super Lash (Bimatoprost Eye Drop)
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Fulfil Your Dream Of Having Long & Luscious Lashes Now With Super Lash

You are probably here as you might have tried many tips and tricks for lengthening your eyelashes. You might have tried the DIY techniques that included putting on some oils, Vaseline, or using some cosmetic products claiming to dramatize your eyes. However, none of the methods have garnered the outcome that you hoped for? Now you are bothered about your constantly falling eyelashes? Searching for a product that can help you out? Well, lashes undeniably add an attractive appearance to your eyes. The reason for both the thinning and falling lashes can be many. Although cosmetic products, for example, mascaras, falsies, or even extensions, may make your eyelashes look longer and fuller. Along with that, such cosmetic items can also negatively impact your natural lashes. So are you searching for a permanent way to boost lash growth? Something that you don’t have to take out before going to bed or render retouches after every few weeks. Well, here is some good news for you. The Super Lash is a revolutionary eyelash growth serum that can help you to achieve fuller and longer eyelashes naturally. This extraordinary product helps you complete the long and luscious eyelashes you always want.

About Super Lash Eye Lash Growth Enhancer

This is the best eyelash growth-enhancing serum available on the market. It works by capitalizing the lashes’ growth, making them thicker and Luscious. So, by using it, eyelashes appear voluminous without putting up mascara or extensions. So this is the perfect product which is very promising, especially in the long run. It is because Super Lash can address the problem from the root itself, thereby solving all your underlying concerns regarding the hindrance of growth in this body part. So, this best eyelash growth product in the market organically stimulates the development of the lashes so that you can see a significant spike in length and thickness.


The Super Lash contains Bimatoprost 0.03 %. This ophthalmic ingredient is preliminarily utilized to reduce the intraocular pressure within the eye’s organ. However, while using this component, a secondary beneficial effect appears, which is the promotion of the growth of the lashes. Since then, Careprost Eye Drops was specifically developed for reversing the impact of hypotrichosis, considered as the insufficient growth of the lash hair on the eyes.

Procedure To Apply Super Lash

  • This is a prescription-based formulation, so make sure to consult your doctor before using it. The ophthalmic serum is meant for cosmetic use as well as medicinal use. The procedure to apply Super Lash on your eyelash for curing hypotrichosis is as follows:
  • Before utilizing the medicine, make sure to wash your hand as well as face properly
  • Remove all your eye makeup and also contact lenses if you are wearing any
  • Put a single drop of the ophthalmic serum on the applicator brush
  • You must instantly move the applicator first along the upper line of the lashes. The direction of the application will be from the inner towards the external corner of the eye organ.

Missed Dosage

Always apply the eye drops as per the doctor’s prescription. Night time is best before you sleep for extraordinary results. If you forget to use Super Lash, apply it whenever you remember. But when the duration approaches the next dosage, skip the missed eye drop.


Apply it carefully & do not exceed the proper dosage. If it happens accidentally, rush to the doctor quickly.

Storage Conditions

Make sure to store this eyelash growth-enhancing product in a cool, dark place. The place should be such that there should not be direct sunlight falling on it. Also, don’t store the medicine in a freezer. Discard the bottle after four weeks of its usage.

Precautionary Measures While Using Super Lash Eye Drops

  • First of all, you have to keep in mind this medication should not be utilized by any individual who has an allergy towards Bimatoprost or any ingredient present in it.
  • Secondly, take precautions while using the eye drops and prevent its entry into the mouth. Somehow accidentally, if it enters your mouth, just rinse it with plain water quickly.
  • Also, if you are pregnant, planning for pregnancy or lactating mother, then always consult a doctor before using this ophthalmic serum.

Buy Super Lash Online

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Bimatoprost (0.03% w/v)

Dosage Form

Eye Drop

Equivalent Brand


Generic Name



Eyelashes Growth, Glaucoma, Ocular Hypertension


Healing Pharma


3 ml in 1 bottle

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  1. Shay Tyler

    Very happy to Buy Super lash drops. I have an amazing experience with this store, easy ordering process with the great customer service.

  2. Brooke C. Garcia

    Super lash drops are the best product for my eyes. I am very happy because it gives me very long eyelashes. Thank you so much

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