Alphagan Eye Drop

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Alphagan Eye Drop
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Alphagan Eye Drop Is Breakthrough Medication To Relieve Symptoms Of Glaucoma

The glaucoma eye condition is severe and chronic, leading to permanent vision loss if not controlled promptly. The loss of sight in this eye condition occurs due to the eye’s damaging component, the optic nerve. So when glaucoma disease causes a damaging effect on the optic nerve, the patient begins to lose out the patches of sight, particularly the peripheral vision. The prevent type of glaucoma is open-angle one, which leads to elevation within the high pressure. Since there are no early symptoms detected, this is why in half of the patient, this disease go undiagnosed at the early stage. The Alphagan Eye drop is utilized to lower the blood pressure within the eyes of patients with open-angle glaucoma and elevated ocular eye pressure.

Composition of Alphagan Eye drop

The eye medication comprises Brimonidine tartrate (alpha-2 adrenergic receptor agonists) and Benzalkonium chloride (preservative), meant to cure chronic glaucoma disease. The first component plays its role in reducing aqueous humor production and, thus, assists out in reducing the production of aqueous humor. This leads to the lowering down of the elevated pressure within the eyes. The second component, Benzalkonium chloride is, serves as the preservative substance. This eye drop shows its action by reducing the fluid, aqueous humor production within the eyes, relieving the pressure. In this manner, the eye drop relieves the symptoms and speeds up the healing process.

Uses of Alphagan Eye drop

The main & foremost use of the Alphagan Eye drop is for curing open-angle glaucoma or accumulation of high fluid pressure within the eyes. Due to the lowering of the high fluid pressure within the eye, there will be risks in reducing vision loss, nerve damage, and blindness. Bimat works by lowering the pressure, facilitating better fluid drainage from within the eye organ and thereby reducing the volume of the fluid produced within the eye.

How Alphagan Eye Drop Is Working?

This medication is working by carrying out the reduction of the aqueous humor production within the eyes, thereby decreasing the pressure. Also, it is utilized for extended duration as it works for the drainage of the aqueous humor fluid, similar to the plasma within the eyes.

Instructions To Use Alphagan Eye Drop Properly

  • Make sure to use the Alphagan Eye drop according to the doctor’s directions. Don’t over or under do its use.
  • Here are some of the important steps for applying Alphagan Eye drop:
  • Wash hands with water and soap before applying this eye drop
  • Shake eye drops properly before using it
  • You are required to tilt your head back and press finger gently on the skin, beneath the lower eye lid. Pull the lower eyelid to make the space and drop the medicine into it.
  • Let go off your eyelid & simply close your eyes.
  • Make sure not to blink your eyes; you must apply the pressure towards the inner corner of the eyes using your fingers for around 1 minute to let the medications be absorbed by your eyes.
  • If you think the eye drop is not inserted properly, then you must repeat the directions with your second drop.
  • Properly store the Alphagan Eye drop bottle so that it remains completely germ-free.
  • Be careful not to contact the applicator’s tip. Even while not using the eye drops, keep the bottle’s lid firmly shut.
  • If you notice any discoloration in the eye drops, never use this bottle and purchase the new one from the pharmacy store.
  • Also, don’t use eye drops when wearing contact lenses. First, you remove the contact lenses and wait for a few minutes before you put the contact lenses back.

Precautions To Be Considered Before Using Alphagan Eye Drop

  • It is crucial to check yourself with the ophthalmologist while using the eye drops to ensure that it is working properly and is not leading to any undesirable effects.
  • The Alphagan Eye drop is meant for ophthalmic use. Also, you are advised to take this medication per the doctor’s prescription and instructions and according to your medical condition.
  • Make sure to use the eye drops during the regular treatment & never make sure not to miss any dosage. If somehow you miss the use of the eye drops at one point, just make sure to use it as soon as you remember.
  • Keep up your regular appointments with the ophthalmologist to make sure the progress of your treatment.

Can Alphagan Eye Drop Lead To Problems?

Apart from exerting a useful impact, Alphagan Eye drop may lead to some of undesirable side effects, although not everyone is experiencing the same. Some of the side effects may include dryness in the eyes, blurring of vision, sensitivity towards light, headache, mouth dryness, cold, stomach upsetting, or unusual taste. There may be possibility in some of the patients for developing allergic reactions. So, in case your eyes become red or getting allergic after using the careprost, immediately stop it and contact the doctor for further advice.


The Alphagan Eye drop is utilized as a remediation for glaucoma therapy. It comprises of two components. This eye drop decreases the fluid formation within the eyes by relieving the ocular pressure. So, Alphagan P Eye Drop controls glaucoma’s symptoms, helping in the healing process.

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Brimonidine (0.2% w/v)

Dosage Form

Eye Drop

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Ocular hypertension, Glaucoma


Allergan India Pvt Ltd


5 ml in 1 bottle

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