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Achieving Long & thick Eyelashes is no longer a dream with Careprost!

Long eyelashes have always been considered the symbol of Universal beauty. This has its linkage with both the attractiveness of the individual along with confidence. The majority of the people on this planet dream to have long, dark, and bushy lashes. Apart from the aesthetic value the eyelashes are holding, they are also acting as a barrier between the eye’s external as well as internal environment. It is because the eyes are very much sensitive to foreign agents as well as irritants. So, the lashes are acting just like these sensors. As they are capable of triggering a blink reflex whenever a foreign particle gets closer to the eyes. This prevents injury & safeguards the eye organs from foreign objects. The lifespan of the lashes on the eye organ is restricted from just 4 to even 11 months duration. You might be thinking is it possible to grow your lashes thicker and fuller? Well, you might have heard about the eyelash growth enhancing product that can be utilized for growing long eyelashes and there are various types of the products with their availability in the market. The Careprost, ophthalmic eye drop is the most effective product that can help out individuals who have weak growth of their eyelashes.


Careprost – Chief active component

The chief ingredient present in this eyelash growth-enhancing product is Bimatoprost in a concentration of 0.03%. 

How Careprost works?

The ophthalmic serum comprises the chief component Bimatoprost. This is working at the synthetic analog of the compound that occurs naturally, prostamide. This compound is capable of demonstrating potent ocular and hypotensive action. By carrying out the binding to similar receptors within the eye, there is an increase in aqueous humor flow, reducing the pressure. Also, it is used to cure the condition of hypotrichosis. This entails the condition when there is abnormality or insufficiency in the eyelash growth. The bimatoprost agent is working by lengthening the active telophase growth phase of the lash hair. So, through the right application of these eye drops, you will be able to attain much longer, luscious, and darker lashes than ever before.


Uses of Bimatoprost

Initially, this Bimat component was being utilized to enhance the volume of the fluid within the eye organ. So, officially, it is used for curing the eye disease known as glaucoma. But the people who used the Careprost for curing glaucoma witnessed growth in the eyelashes as the undesirable impact of applying this eye drop. Since then it has been started to be used for curing the condition of hypotrichosis. In this particular condition, lash hair growth is deficient in the eyes. So, Careprost eyelash growth enhancer is applied to overcome the deficiency of the lash hair leading to its growth, with the increase in length, thickness as well as darkness.


How to Apply Careprost Eyelash growth enhancer?

You are required to put a single drop of the ophthalmic solution on the cartridge of the liquid eyeliner. Draw upon a line along the upper eyelid. Remove any excess liquid with the tissue paper. Just repeat the same procedure on another eye. However, make sure not to apply the liquid on the bottom eyelid. Apply Careprost 0.03% bimatoprost once a day.


For how long Careprost takes to show its effect?

Generally, the positive results of the application of this serum can be witnessed after 2 months of its regular application. So, usually, it will take around 3 to 4 months for achieving the desired outcome. Upon achieving the desired length or even density of your eyelashes, you can just restrict its application once a week to maintain the general effect. However, upon completely stopping the use of the ophthalmic solution, the eyelashes will be reverting to back to their previous & original state.


How to store Careprost?

The storage condition for this eyelash growth-enhancing product is room temperature. Make sure to carry out the replacement of the bottle’s lid every time you use it for preventing contamination. Make sure to discard the Careprost eye drops bottle when it has been used for 4 weeks after opening it.


Precautionary steps to be assumed while using Careprost


  • In some of the situations, don’t apply Careprost on your eyelashes. Here are some of the instances:
  • When you are allergic to Bimatoprost or any of the components which are present in this eyelash growth-enhancing product
  • When you are pregnant, don’t be of your pregnancy or breastfeeding mother
  • Suffering from either liver, kidney, or respiratory syndrome
  • In case you are already wearing contact lenses, then you must remove the same before applying this eye drop. Also, make sure to replace the contact lenses after applying Lumigan Eye Drops.

Buy Careprost online

The Careprost 0.03% ophthalmic serum is the most effective regenerating agent for curing hypertrichosis. The eye drops effectively help the growth of the hair follicles of the eyelash. Although many local pharmacies might be operating in your area, it takes a lot of time and hassle to stand in long queues to purchase the product. Plus also there is a limitation in the time frame at which you can visit the physical drugstore. The benefit is the guaranteed low price plus you can get the most secure online transactions. The drug supplier is the most trusted and reliable, with efficient customer service and the fastest possible delivery. With the user-friendly website and the chance to avail of many discounts and professional offers, 356 days, 24/7. So, now you can surely enjoy ordering this eyelash growth-enhancing product from the convenience of your place, anytime.



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