Careprost Eyelash Growth Serum - What Works, What Doesn’t

Careprost Eyelash Growth Serum – What Works, What Doesn’t?

No one remains a stranger to eyelash hair shredding? Well, this condition is something everyone experience at some point on the other. However, the lashes are shed and typically grow back, the only exceptions are balding or medical conditions. But do eyelashes grow back? Well, just they can typically grow back with some of the caveats as well as exceptions. As long as there is no trauma or long-lasting damage done to the eyelid or hair follicles, there is a possibility of growing back the lashes normally. However, the regrowth process may take place. The growth phase of the lashes emerges when new hair arises from the follicles of the eyelids. Losing eyelashes & having sparse ones, is extremely distressing. However, there is a possibility to treat this condition of hypotrichosis, & growing lashes back to normal. The Careprost is the ophthalmic serum that may be actively assisting out the lashes to grow back actively.

Is Careprost Eyelash Growth Serum effective?

This eye drop is enriched with the most active element known as Bimatoprost and this is the prostaglandin analog. This compound is working through the enhancement of the hair numbers present in the growth phase and also the duration of the anagen phase. This is causing the growth of the hair along with the attainment of longer, fuller as well as darker lashes.

Things to consider about Careprost eye drops, what works and what doesn’t?

The Careprost is FDA approved ophthalmic solution and can lead to an improvement in length, and thickness as well as the darkness of the eyelashes, curing the condition of hypotrichosis (insufficient eyelashes). This compound comprises of the element bimatoprost. The clinical studies have already illustrated that this eyelash growth-enhancing solution is impactful for many of users. Several starts noticing the improvements as early as 4 weeks. In around 50% of the cases, positive changes can be observed during the second month. By the duration of 16 weeks, improvements have been noticed in more than 80% of the patients.

What does not work while applying Careprost eyelash growth serum?

Wrong application method

The Careprost eye drop needs to be applied towards the margin of the lower eyelid of the upper ones by using the applicator or eyeliner brush. It needs to be applied carefully as per the instructions that are mentioned in the product leaflet package.

Permanent lash loss

It does not come as a surprise to several of people that there are hundreds of reasons for eyelash growth loss. Not all eyelash losses take place owing to aging or even tainted mascara bottles. This has been utilized during the past time or due to the improper utilization of the heated lash curler. This is something that certainly leads to the permanent loss of eyelashes. There can be some other causes like the inflammatory or autoimmune condition which is responsible for the eyelash loss.

Thus, there is a need for careful reviewing of the medical history of the patient and a close examination of the lashes for determining the exact cause of this condition. Also, there should be an examination of the eyebrows as well as the scalp hair during the diagnosis of the eyelash condition by the physician. Since there are many different causes of the hypotrichosis condition for example; inflammation, autoimmune response, infectious agents, intake of drugs, nutritional deficiencies, or congenital/genetic conditions. So, it is obvious that such causative factors of eyelash loss may not respond to the Bimat.

Precautionary measures while using Careprost eye drop

  • This eye drop is to be used only for the external purpose and not to inject
  • In case you are allergic to this eyelash growth enhancing solution, inform doctor quickly
  • If you have persistence of irritation, immediately discontinue the use and contact ophthalmologist
  • Make sure to use the solution within a single month after the container is opened
  • Consult eye specialists before using this eye drop in case you are pregnant or lactating mother
  • Keep eye drops away from the children as well as pets

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